Friday, April 8, 2011

Forbidden Circle

Over the past few months, I've been super busy working on a music video. It's currently code-named "Forbidden Circle". It is basically a surreal, dream like and visual-driven and technical video piece for the music I wrote a few months back. The music however has significantly changed since then.

Most of the visual concepts of the piece came to me in a dream a year back, and the images have haunted me ever since. So I decided develop and direct the video with my friend Jonny Greenwald (Director of Photography), a very knowledgeable and talented camera and lighting guru from the VizLab. We've developed the project in the VIZA 623 class under the artistic guidance of Prof. Karen Hillier. And currently we're doing the shoots. Take a look at some of our interesting behind the scenes.

Working on this video has been one amazing learning experience. I have done so many things on it that I've never done before, and everyday seems to bring with it an amazing set of challenges and applying all my knowledge and experience in figuring out a way to solve it. I've done so many things for this project that I never imagined I'd do--from stage & prop design, casting and molding gelatin prosthetics, full body painting and makeup, and everything in between!

If all goes as planned, we'll have the video ready by April 29. Take a closer and detailed look at this project on it's blog at Also Like us on Facebook