Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wave Origami

"Wave Origami" is an instrumental techno/metal music project I've been working on for the past few weeks. It features basically metal music with generous layers of synthesizers and ambient sounds to create a space drift. So far I have two tracks recorded and available for download, and you can get it at Wave Origami. I also designed a logo for myself. Still debating it though. After much brainstorming, sketching, scanning, illustrator tracing and painful hours of eye squinting, I chose to stick with an abstract, pointy, edgy rendition of my last name "RAO" encapsulated in a black diamond. I wanted to create an iconic identity, that stood to support the nature of my music. Something futuristic, something clean, and crisp, and something that could as well pass of as a logo for some futuristic mass spaceship manufacturing corporation. Here it is.
Also, over the past few weeks, I've constantly been seeing a lot of space photos, nebula, galaxies and watching some Carl Sagan. I've been getting similar imagery in my head while composing music, so I decided to create a space field for the album art. So I fired up Photoshop. I wanted to create a space photo all by myself without reading tutorials, I just wanted to see how much I could accomplish with Photoshop without any external help. Also, fortunately our router decided to stop working one day, so I sat down with a 1200x800 pixel file in Photoshop for 3 hours straight and created this.
Here's a big image with the breakdowns of each layer. Finally, I added the logo on top of this and created a couple of mysterious gradient bubbles on them ^^,
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